So, How Do We Advocate Against This Type of Animal Cruelty?


The 'Bait' Dog hype has been one of the most infuriating, mind-boggling 'fights' we have ever run across in animal welfare.  


There is no 'happy medium' with this theory.  Some advocates are 100% intransigent in their belief that every dog with a scar or semblance of a scar is or was used as a 'bait' dog;  some are just as resolved in proving 'bait' dogs do not exist; while some see both sides and try to find common ground.  


The fact is - what was once a myth became truth and is more prevalent in today's throw-away society - in large part due to the mass sharing of supposition and half-truths by well-meaning advocates and animal lovers in the media (social and news).


That being said, there's really only one way to deter this from getting even more out of hand.  With both sides being as stoic in their position as they are - compromising is going to be the only effective solution.  Unfortunately - this is much easier said than done.  (See Effective Analogies)


Even if it were a flat out LIE that 'bait' dogs do nothing to 'train' a dog to be a more effective fighter, we are at a total loss as to why it is so frowned upon and 'advocates' down-right refuse to add this bit of integral information to any 'bait' dog posts or stories.   Call every dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, etc. that comes through your doors a 'bait' animal if you need the 'scare tactic' to boost funding or prevent animals from being given away or sold on Craig's List... but understand you are only promoting the cruelty - not helping stop it.


Most every website or story on 'bait' dogs goes into detail about how to acquire a 'bait' dog; how to utilize it; and how to dispose of it... again, with no mention of the fact that 'training' a dog in this manner has no effect on making a dog a better fighter.  (For more, detailed information, read 'Bait' Dog Hysteria from


These dogs DO need someone in their corner who will fight for them...  But it is impossible to educate or advocate against dog fighting when inadvertently promoting the 'bait' dog training theory; or providing incomplete 'resources'.


Please, view our Effective Analogies tab to hopefully help you truly advocate for the dogs we love.


myth (mith) n. invented story, fictitious person, etc. 2.a belief or set of beliefs, often unproven or false, that have accrued around a person, phenomena or institution.



Khalessi was NOT a 'bait' dog

She was abused, however -

her injuries were consistent

with being beaten with

a baseball bat :O(


'Bait dogs' are used to help train pit bulls to fight. The owners often try to “turn” them or make them aggressive, but due to their sweet disposition and temperament, they fail. Because they refuse to become mean, they are used as 'bait' and left for dead.


On any given day - either a dog wants to fight, or it doesn't. There is nothing to be gained from 'training' a dog to be a better fighter by letting it beat up a smaller or weaker animal.



The majority of 'bait' dogs in the media (social and news) are not, in fact, verified 'bait' dogs.  The title is based on supposition and frenzy. Many dogs have been labeled as such only to find out they were suffering from disease, scarred from traffic accidents, or physical abuse from humans.  They should be labeled as animal cruelty cases, nothing more.

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